The world premiere of the first full-length documentary film produced by B’Tselem, “Of Land and Bread”, occurred on November 24, at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA).

The film was directed, edited and produced by the head of the organization’s video department, Ehab Tarabieh.

The film offers an unmediated view of life under Israel’s occupation, comprised entirely of documentary footage from B’Tselem’s video archive. It reveals the daily life of Palestinians governed by Israeli state violence carried out by uniformed soldiers and police.

Not to mention by illegal Israeli settlers acting with full protection and backing of the state. It is a story of a vulnerable life, with no political rights, and no right to protest. A life on the receiving end of the Israeli project of dispossession of land and resources, which is the Israeli occupation, where their only defense is the camera.

In 2007 B’Tselem launched its Camera Project, providing video cameras and training to Palestinian volunteers in the West Bank to document their own lives under the Israeli occupation.

Since then, the images taken by its volunteers have become a staple of B’Tselem’s reporting, which now manages an extensive and unique video archive of thousands of hours of carefully cataloged raw material captured by B’Tselem staff and volunteers over the past decade.

Director and Editor: Ehab Tarabieh

Producers: B’Tselem and Ehab Tarabieh

Ehab Tarabieh was born in 1982 in Majdal Shams. In 2010, he joined the video department of B’Tselem, and has been the department’s director since 2016.