Child waving flag in Bil'in (image by Mohammad Yassin)

On 27 November 2019, three soldiers came three times to the home of the a-Tabib family in the village of ‘Izbat a-Tabib in Qalqilia District to remove Palestinian flags the family had hung on the fence of their home. The family hung the flags up again every time. At around 6:30 P.M., the three soldiers returned while the family was sitting in the yard and took the flags down again.

Bian a-Tabib, 53, the father of the family, related in a testimony he gave B’Tselem:

I started arguing with the soldiers. They insisted on taking the flags down and confiscating them. They said I wasn’t allowed to hang flags on the fence of my house, only indoors. I tried to explain that the Palestinian flag is a legitimate flag and that it’s my right to hang it around my house. But the soldier said: “I don’t want to see the Palestinian flag and I don’t like it.” After we argued for about five minutes, the soldiers left, taking the flags with them.

Video: Reposted from B’Tselem

Image: Mohammed Yasin