Palestinian residents living under Israeli occupation express their suffering in different means and styles.
Recently, a resident of Qalqilia city, in the West Bank, came up with a new design for his weeding card that has photos of 11 year old boy who was killed in Gaza and a clip art showing the historical map of Palestine.
Inside the clipart, you find the child with a red rose in his hand.
Also, several wedding cards were issued recently in several villages trapped behind the Separation Wall in Qalqilia area; the cards included the times of opening and closing the Wall gates.
Soldiers guarding the Wall gates specify the opening and closing hours, thus forcing the residents to follow the times set by them, and transform them into "captives" under the mercy of the soldiers and their moods.
Palestinian residents continuously keep looking for new ways to express their suffering; dozens of weeding invitation cards have been issued in villages trapped behind the Wall carrying the names of the gates, including the opening and closing hours.