Three fighters of the Islamic Jihad were killed, on Thursday afternoon, and four others were injured after the Israeli forces invaded the West Bank city of Jenin, surrounded a home and exchanged fire with resistance fighters.

An Israeli military source reported that the under-cover units of the Israeli army invaded the city in an attempt to arrest activists of the Islamic Jihad.
The source stated that border-guard policemen and the special units of the Israeli army surrounded a house which was used as a hideout for the fighters of the Islamic Jihad.
One armed fighter got out of the house and was shot dead by the troops as he stepped out while firing at them, the source added.
A local source in Jenin said that one of the fighters ran out of the home later on and detonated an explosive charge he was carrying in an attempt to detonate the explosive charge among the soldiers; no injuries among the soldiers and under-cover units were reported.
The Maan News Agency reported that sources close to the Islamic Jihad reported that the three fighters are members of the Al Quds brigades, the military wing of the movement.
The three fighters were identified as Ali Abu Khazna, Mo’taz Abu Khaleel, and Amjad Al Sabe’; all are from Jenin area.
A fourth fighter who was in the home was arrested after giving himself up to the soldiers.
Three residents were arrested elsewhere in Jenin during an earlier military attack in the city; the three were arrested after the soldiers broke into a home in the city.
Soldiers broke into dozens of homes there, and searched them; dozens of residents clashed with the soldiers and hurled stones and empty bottles at them.
Following the killing of the fighters, some twenty armored vehicles invaded the city and exchanged fire with resistance fighters in Hitteen Street.