A group of Jewish Americans who call themselves, "The Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace" called the American Administration to urge Israel to evacuate all the Jewish settlements in the West Bank saying that these settlements are major obstacle for peace.

"We call upon the US government to embrace an initiative that can build on the momentum generated by the Gaza withdrawal, lay the groundwork for a negotiated settlement, safeguard the lives of Israeli settlers, and remove a major obstacle to peace," a petition distributed widely states.
The group also asks the Israeli government to "reverse its longstanding policy of offering financial inducements to Israeli settlers in the West Bank and to redirect those funds to settlers who are now willing to return voluntarily to Israel proper, and to provide generous foreign assistance and to solicit contributions from the European Union, other major industrial democracies, and the United Nations for this massive relocation effort."
The alliance members say their step stems from their concern about the well-being of Israel.
"We are American Jews who care deeply about Israel and who are filled with sorrow by the continuous cycle of violence and death in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."
Their call is based on an assumption that the settlements in the West Bank are a main reason for lack of security in Israel.
The group, in their founding principles, calls for "the termination of terrorism and state-initiated violence against all individuals with special care being taken to avoid harming civilians."
Hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed as a result of the Israeli policy of targeted killings against resistance operatives that are usually carried out in Palestinian residential areas regardless of high risk of casualties among civilians.
A complete end of the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 including east Jerusalem is among the principles of the alliance as well as the establishment of a viable Palestinian state, and recognizing Jerusalem as capitol of both states.
Regarding the Palestinian refugees problem, the alliance suggests, without being specific, a just resolution of their problem that takes into account needs of both, Palestinians and Israelis.   
"Such a resolution is crucial to achieving a just peace, and therefore must acknowledge Israel’s share of responsibility for the plight of Palestinian refugees while also respecting the special relationship between the State of Israel and the Jewish people."