Israeli police arrested, on Wednesday, Abdul-Latif Shihada, a parliamentary candidate of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, while he was holding a press conference at a hotel in East Jerusalem.

As the PFLP officials were preparing to launch their campaign at a hotel in East Jerusalem, Israeli police, wearing plainclothes, broke into the building and arrested the seven party officials.
Six other residents were arrested for advocating candidates and placing posters for them; army source reported that Palestinian factions are not allowed to campaign for the legislative elections in Jerusalem.
Jerusalem police spokesman, Shmuel Ben-Ruby, claimed that policemen only used force against those who resisted the arrest.
"Terrorist organizations are not allowed to campaign in Jerusalem", he stated, "They can’t make statements and campaign here".
Earlier this week, police broke into the offices of the leftist Fida party, in Jerusalem, and detained five people for questioning.
Soldiers also broke into a Hamas election campaign center in Jerusalem, and detained three of the movement’s parliamentary candidates as they were holding a press conference, near Al Aqsa Mosque, in the old city of Jerusalem.
Two days ago, soldiers also broke into a Jerusalem office which belongs to the Palestinian People Party, and detained twelve members. 
The Israeli cabinet approved limited voting for Jerusalemites Palestinians in the upcoming elections, and barred Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine from carrying election campaigns in the city.