The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights held two meetings with leaders of the Al Aqsa Brigades in the West Bank cities of Jenin and Nablus regarding a smooth flow of the legislative council elections slated of January 25.

The representative of the PICCR, Yasser Alawna, met in Nablus with several leaders of the Brigades, including Nasser Abu Azeez, Ala’ Sanaqra and Mahmoud Al Khateeb.
Abu Azeez said that the Brigades will never harm the observers, and confirmed that local and international observers are not the target of the Brigades.
"The occupation is our target", Abu Azeez stated, "The observers are welcomed guests in our country; we will not allow anyone to harm them".
Meanwhile, Al Khateeb said that the "Israeli enemy, and the differences on elections" are internal issues, confirming that the observers have nothing to do with internal conflicts.
Sanaqra, on the other hand, said that the Brigades want security for the people and for its fighters, adding that the only demands the fighters have are their own protection and a decent life.  
In Jenin, Alawna met with the leader of the Brigades, Zakariyya Zobeidi, who vowed that the Brigades will not harm the observers, and added that he will personally provide them with protection and guarantee their safety.
"We have a decision to protect the observers", he said, "We will also protect the polling centers".
Also Zobeidi added that the brigades received guarantees from Europe that the Israeli army will not carry attacks against them during the elections and the period before it, and that the army will also refrain from operating in the Palestinian areas.
"The enemy must stop its operations in the Palestinian territories", Zobeidi stated, "The observers are not our target".
Zobeidi also said that he will announce in a press release that the brigades will not harm the observers, and will call on them not to hesitate in heading to the polling posts.