Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that Shimon Peres said on Friday that Israel would be ready to negotiate with Hamas if it "renounces violence and disarms" after the Palestinian Legislative elections.

Although Peres ruled out any talks with Hamas under the current conditions, he said that Israel will keep the door open for negotiations with the movement if it disarms.
"But we will not sit and negotiate with anybody who carried a gun or a bomb", Peres said, "If the situation changes, then talks are possible".
Hamas is expecting to have strong showing in the upcoming legislative elections on Wednesday. The movement was committed to the truce which was declared last year.
Israeli security sources reported that during the current election campaign in the Palestinian territories, Hamas is focusing on a clean government and is "elusive regarding renouncing violence", according to the sources.
Meanwhile, Ra’anan Gissin, one of the close aides of Ariel Sharon, said that the statements of Peres reflect the opinion of Sharon.
Earlier this week, the acting Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said that he is ready to hold talks with the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, if he disarms the resistance factions.
According to current polls, Hamas is expected to win at least one-third of the seats of the legislative council.