As the Palestinian legislative elections approach, Hamas and Fateh movements showed neck-to-neck competition with and advantage of only 2.1% for Fateh in the West Bank, the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center reported.

A poll conducted by the center found out that 36.7% of the Palestinian residents in the Gaza Strip support Fateh movement and 36.4% support Hamas, while in the West Bank Fateh showed a slightly larger margin with 29.7% in comparing to 26.6% for Hamas.
When combining the results of the survey in Gaza and the West Bank, Fateh enjoys the support of 32.3% comparing to 30.2% for Hamas.
The poll showed The Independent Palestine Party gaining 12% of the vote, while the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine would grab 7.6%.
Al Badeel list was supported by 6.1%, the list includes a coalition between the Palestinian People Party, The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, FIDA, and independent candidates.
The survey was conducted in the period between January 13-15, and involved a random sample of 1001 residents over the age of 18.
640 residents were from the West Bank, and 361 from Gaza.
Also, the poll showed that 81.4% of the eligible voters intend to participate in the voting process.