The Palestinian Central Elections Committee (CEC) announced on Saturday that some 58.705 members of the Palestinian Police and Security Forces are scheduled to start casting their votes for the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) on Saturday.

The vote of the P.A devices would be carried out in 18 polling stations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and will last for three days.
The CEC added that the P.A conducted all of the needed preparations to enable the police and security men cast their ballots.
The votes would be counted on the same day of the Palestinian Legislative Council elections on January 25, police and security forces will be guarding the polling stations around the clock during the voting period, and during the count of the votes.  

Observers from local human rights groups monitored the voting as security forces are not allowed to guard inside the polling centers.
The police and security force were allowed to vote ahead of the PLC ballot in accordance to a decree issued by the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, on Thursday.