Jibreel Rajoub, the retired security advisor of the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said that the Palestinian Authority prepared a security plan for the protection of the voting ballots, and to guarantee an honest and smooth election process on the Palestinian Parlimantary elections slated for January 25th, the Palestine News Network reported.

Rajoub, one of Fattah’s list of candidates in West Bank district of Hebron, asserted that the security plan will include three main issues; the first is the deployment of more than 4 thousand  of  Palestinian security personnel near the  voting ballots and polling stations,
In an implication to the security situation in the Palestinian territories, Rajoub added that the internal agreement was approved by Fateh movement to conduct utmost efforts in order to a problem-free election process, without any obstacles.
The agreement includes holding discussions with all sides.
The third issue is to have an agreement with other factions to abide by the law.
Palestinian sources reported that Abbas was informed of these issues, including maintaining a commitment not to conduct any violations or incidents of lawlessness during the election process.