Head of the Likud Party in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu presented during the Herzliya Conference, on Sunday, the "security-political" agenda for the Likud party, which mainly focused on rejecting any withdrawal to the border of 1967.
Netanyahu also said that Israel should re-route the Separation Wall to include more areas "in order to avoid any contacts with the Palestinians".
"Peace without security is no peace", he said, "We have to annex the Jordan valley, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem, settlements and settlements roads to Israel". 
Presenting the Likud party’s platform in anticipation of the coming elections, Netanyahu proposed "moving the Separation Wall to the that was then recommended by the Israeli Defense Establishment, and ignore the High Court rulings.
He claimed that this would provide protection to Ben-Gurion Airport and to Highway 443, a secondary highway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Netanyahu said.
Yet, he claimed that Israel will be ready to give up some lands, but will never "compromise its security". 
"I know that peace deals mean that the two sides should give up some of their demands", he said, "But security is a top priority, and the Right of Return to the Palestinian refugees is unaccepted".
He added that he will be ready to renew talks with any "Palestinian partner who does not resort to terrorism", according to Netanyahu.
Meanwhile, Labor party leader Amir Peretz said during a conference for the party that "Jerusalem will remain united, with a Jewish majority".
Peretz slammed that Kadima party for what he described as "recruiting the media against the labor party".
He added that he finds no difference between the Likud and Kadima.