Israeli forces arrested 24 Palestinians throughout the West Bank cities Monday morning, the Ma’an News Agency reported.

Israeli forces arrested five Palestinians affiliated with the Islamic Jihad movement in Jenin area. Troops also arrested seven Palestinians affiliated with Hamas in the northwestern West Bank cities of Tulkarem and Qalqilia.
In Ramallah, Israeli forces arrested nine Palestinians and took them to unknown destinations. Additionally Two residents from Bethlehem and another from Hebron were arrested.
In a predawn invasion to the northern city of Tulkarem and its refugee camp aermy broke into several homes and arrested three residents.
Israeli soldiers backed with several military vehicles invaded the city from different directions, surrounded and broke into the houses of Majdi Allam Salib, 20, and arrested him, in addition to Aness Al Sayes, 22, and Raja’ Al Aamuri, 24.
 In another predawn invasion eyewitnesses said that eight Israeli military jeeps and one armored personnel carrier invaded Qalqilia in the northwest of the West Bank during which Israeli soldiers broke into several houses and arrested three residents.
The arrestees were identified as; Sheikh Riad Rashid Hamed Lulueh 50, Eyad Mohammad Said Hamad 33, and Mustafa Sabri 40, member of the Qalqilia Municipality Council and correspondent for Palestine News Network.