Israeli army chief Dan Halutz said on Tuesday that the Israeli army will evacuate the illegal West Bank outpost of Amona in northern of the West Bank and the Hebron market next week.

Some 1,300 Israeli soldiers and police troops will take part in the operation, Halutz told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.
 Israeli National Union MK Effi Eitam claimed that the evacuation of the settlers while Israel is led by an interim government headed by a person who was placed in the 32nd spot on the Likud Knesset list [Ehud Olmert] was "a dangerous provocation."
National Union MK Uri Uriel blasted Halutz, saying that he "had to lay out the risks in carrying out the disengagement plan and not to nod after every statement by the government."
 Earlier Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz decided, to postpone the evacuation of the illegal settlement outpost of Amona, north of the West Bank that will end on Wednesday.
On the other hand Israeli soldiers who were attacked by the settlers of Hebron delivered the evection orders two weeks ago.