The Israeli army invaded on Tuesday morning to several areas in West Bank city of Jenin, eight residents including three women.

Troops stormed Jenin refugee camp in the city and conducted wide-scaled search there and arrested Somayah E’badi , Maha Arda , Feriyal Safori and her husband Mo’tasem Habaiba, all were taken to unknown distention, eyewitnesses said.
Meanwhile, another force entered the near by village of Anien searched several houses and arrested Mohamed Mansour 21 after searching his house.
In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Israeli army troops invaded the northern West Bank town of Qabatiya near Jenin and arrested three residents.
Troops stormed the village, searched several houses there at gunpoint, eyewitnesses reported.
The arrested were identified as Mohamed Kameel, Mahmod Abu Al Rob and Bilal Kameel, all were taken to unknown destination, local sources reported.
These arrests come shortly after Israel announced that it would scale down invasions and attacks against Palestinians until after the elections.
The Palestinians will vote on Wednesday to elect their 132 Parliament members while Israeli army continues to invade and arrest civilians in different parts of the West Bank.