Dozens of detainees flooded to a tent in the Negev detention facility to celebrate the victory of one of the detainees who achieved the highest votes in Nablus district.

Detainee Ahmad Al Haj Ali, 65, achieved more than 40.000 votes, and thus topped the first place among the candidates of Nablus area.
Sheikh Wael Hashash, head of the election campaign of Al Haj, who is also imprisoned and living in the same tent, said that all detainees, in every branch of the Negev detention camp, remained awake all night long and were continuously updated, by their supporters in Nablus, using a mobile phone.
"The detainees were sure that Al Haj will win", Hashash stated, "Al Haj worked as a teacher for 40 years, and is respected by everybody in Nablus area".
Meanwhile, Al Haj said that this victory is the victory of every Palestinian detainee, and will highlight the case of the Palestinian detainees locally and internationally.
It is worth mentioning that Al Haj was supposed to be released recently but the prison administration renewed the administrative detention orders against him during the elections campaign.
The four-month renewal of detention orders against Al Haj came after three times of similar renewals against him without trial or legal representation.
Eman, the daughter of Al Haj, said that that the family was sure that he is going to win the elections as a result of the wide support the people showed during the election campaign.      
She added that he used to contact his election headquarters, and his supporters, using a mobile phone.