On Friday at night, Israeli soldiers arrested two residents in the West Bank city of Hebron during an invasion to the city; soldiers installed several roadblocks in the city and around it, and detained dozens of residents.

A local source in Hebron reported that soldiers arrested Ziad Mohammad Jaber, 23, after stopping him at a military checkpoint which was installed near Keryat Arba’ settlement, east of the city.
Also, resident Fareed Jaber reported that soldiers broke into his house and arrested his son Qasem, 21.
Jaber added that soldiers searched his house causing damage to the furniture and belongings, and took his son to an unknown destination after handcuffing and blindfolding him.
Jaber stated that took him and his 11 family members to a neighboring house after forcing them out of their own home, and forced them in one room for several hours.
On Saturday morning, Israeli soldiers installed dozens of checkpoints on roads and junctions leading to villages near Hebron and barred the residents from crossing.
Soldiers searched dozens of vehicles and interrogated the residents.