Israeli soldiers arrested, on Saturday morning, four residents in Qaffeen village, north of the West Bank city of Tulkarem, and took them to an unknown destination, a fifth resident was arrested at another military roadblock, south of Tulkarem. 

A local source in Qaffeen village reported that soldiers stopped four residents while walking near the Separation Wall, checked their identity cards, and arrested them.
The residents were identified as Mohammad Amarna, Baha’ Kittana, Haitham Ta’ma, and Saleh Aqel.
Also, soldiers arrested resident Abdul-Rahman Hannoun after stopping him at a military checkpoint which was installed south of Tulkarem.
Hannoun is a resident of Anabta village, east o Tulkarem. 
Meanwhile, soldiers based at a checkpoint which is installed on Tulkarem-Qalqilia road, stopped dozens of vehicles and searched them while interrogating the residents.
In a separate incident, soldiers based at Ennab checkpoint, east of Tulkarem, detained dozens of residents for several hours and interrogated them. The checkpoint is installed near Ennab settlement, east of Tulkarem.