The acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert rejected on Monday evening a request by settler leaders to delay the evacuation of the Amouna illegal settlement outpost, installed on Palestinian Private Property, north of the West Bank.
The army, after ordered by the Israeli high court, started preparing plans, and conducting trainings in preparation to demolish nine houses which the settlers installed near Ofra settlement, near the West Bank city of Qalqilia.  
The high court ordered the evacuation of the illegal outpost on Sunday after rejecting a petition by the settlers of the illegal outpost.
Bentzi Lieberman, Ze’ev Hever, and Pinhas Wallerstein, along with other leaders of the Yesha council of settlements, met with Olmert on Monday evening and asked him to delay the evacuation "in order to find a solution to legal sticking points".
Olmert said that he has no intention to delay the evacuation, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.
According to Haaretz, the Yesha leaders presented a number of proposed compromises to Olmert but he rejected all of them, and agreed to meet with them in the near Future.    
Meanwhile, Israeli soldiers started on Monday evening to block the roads in an attempt to prevent right wing activist from reaching the outpost area and protest the planned evacuation.
Haaretz reported that soldiers prevented, during evening hours, two buses transporting protesters from crossing the Hizme checkpoint, located northeast of Jerusalem; the buses were heading to Amouna.
Haaretz added that on Sunday and earlier on Monday, some 300 right-wing activists arrived to the outpost to oppose the evacuation and demolishing of the illegal constructions.
Settlers of Amouna outpost expected the arrival of some 2000 people. The protestors who are already there are staying in tents and sheds installed in the outpost, while others are staying in homes and public buildings in the nearby settlement of Ofra.
It is worth mentioning that member of Knesset Uri Areil, National Union Party, moved to the outpost along with other right-wing members of Knesset.   
The demolition of the outpost will most likely be carried out on Wednesday or Thursday.
A senior Israel security source said that thee is no compromise regarding this issue since the out was constructed on Palestinian Private owned lands.