In a statement published on its website, al-Quds Brigade, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad vowed to retaliate for the assassination of its leader, Nidal Abu Saada, who was assassinated on Tuesday in Arraba, a town near Jenin. Mr. Abu Saada, 28 and his assistant, Ahmed Toubasy were assassinated on Tuesday.     

Abu Saada became the head of the brigades after the army assassinated Luay Al Saadi, in October 2005. He was the general leader of the brigades in the West Bank.
Israel holds Abu Saada responsible for planning six suicide bombings carried in Israel; he escaped several assassination attempts.
A medical source in Tulkarem reported that at least ten bullets were found in the Abu Saada; some of the bullets penetrated his head while the rest were found in his chest.
Following the assassination, Israeli soldiers closed all of the entrances of Tulkarem and its surrounding villages, and restricted the movement of residents and vehicles.