An internal investigation on Sunday revealed that over the past several years, $700 million has gone missing from the finances of the Palestinian Authority (PA).The State Comptroller, Ahmed al-Moghani, stated as the findings of his internal investigation were released: "There are 50 cases of financial and administrative corruption. The amount of money that was squandered and stolen is more than $700 million."

Some 25 officials have been arrested and 10 have fled the country in what could be the largest corruption scandal that the PA has faced.

This finding comes at a time when the government of Palestine is in transition.  After a legislative election 11 days ago in which the Hamas party won a majority of the seats, the existing power has been accused of corruption and compromise to Israel as reasons for their loss.

The Israeli government handed over an overdue payment of $45 million in Palestinian tax funds Sunday as well, but said there would be no further transfer of money of any kind once Hamas forms their new government.

The Palestinian Authority currently employs about 137,000 workers.