Names for a technocrat Palestinian government is almost ready, said members of the Hamas delegation after their meetings in Cairo, Egypt.

The delegation included senior leaders of the movement and met with head of the Egyptian Intelligence Omar Suleiman, and a number of Egyptian officials.
The Cairo meeting is one of series of meetings; Hamas is planning to hold in several Arab and Islamic countries.
Officials said the tour will focus on how to deal with the pressure the Palestinians are under after the overwhelming victory of Hamas in the latest parliamentary elections.
Hamas hinted that the new Palestinian Prime Minister is going to be one of Hamas’ two top leaders, either, Ismael Haniyya or Dr. Mahmoud A-Zahar.
Haniyya is known to be of the moderate stream of Hamas, where as Zahar is a hardliner.
In an interview with the German magazine "Der Spiegel," Khaled Masha’al, chair of the political bureau of Hamas said that the movement will respect all the agreement the Palestinian Authority signed with Israel.
Hamas, however will not accept to give up the rights of the Palestinian people and will behave in a pragmatic way in dealing with the agreements, Masha’al said.