Sources at the Palestinian Attorney General office Ahmad Al Mughani said Tuesday that 13 summons were sent to those involved in the corruption scandal revealed earlier this week, Maan News Agency reported.

Asked about the timing of revealing these files, Mr Al Mughani said he wanted to hold a press conference to reveal the outcome of the investigation last December, however, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged him to delay his conference until after the Parliamentary elections, so that it will not affect the election results and avoid being accused of being politically motivated.
So far, 25 suspects were arrested in this case. Some of them are residents of the Palestinian territories whereas others live abroad. Al-Mughanni said six have already responded to the warrant, and that the Palestinian Foreign Ministry and the Palestinian embassies in their countries of residence are aiding in finding the seven non-respondents.
Al-Mughani said that 55 files are almost completed, including the Oil file and other embezzlement cases in the Ministry of Social Affairs, Tax Revenue, and the sales of Cement for the construction of the Wall.  The AG also mentioned issues related to land sales for Israelis used to build settlements.
He added that a list of names of the involved will be will be published when and if they are tried and found guilty.