While the Israeli army continues its operations, assassinations, and air-strikes in Gaza, Palestinian resistance fired a homemade shell at the Negev Israeli town of Sderot, damage to one house was reported; one cat was killed by shrapnel.

According to the Israeli Ynetnews, the shell landed close to two kindergartens. Another shell landed and detonated in an open area in the Western Negev.  
Soldiers fired artillery rounds towards an area in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip; the shelled area was apparently used as a launching pad for Qassam shells.
Also, the Israeli air-force shelled seven targets, including streets and a bridge, in an attempt to bar Palestinian armed groups from reaching areas using for launching homemade shells at Israeli areas.
Meanwhile, Sderot resident Avner Dadon, whose house was hit by the shell, said that "the Qassam hit the external wall of the children’s room and then flew to the backyard".
Dadon said that he found out about the rocket from his brother, who had called him to say that a house in their neighborhood was hit.
One of the residents of Sderot said that he called Sderot municipality and offered them to organize a number of buses to drive to Jerusalem and protest their.   
On Tuesday afternoon, the Sderot Municipality held a meeting and decided to launch a strike in the town in the coming days. 
Yossi Pinhas Cohen, Sderot Municipality spokesman, said that everyone in the Israeli government are engaged in the elections "and are not available to talk to the residents".