Abdullah Abdullah, a Fateh member recently elected to the PLC, said there is a growing desire within Fateh for its leaders to engage in meaningful negotiations with the leadership of Hamas to develop a plan for the coming period.
There have been increasing calls from Fateh members for the people to prepare themselves for unilateral Israeli actions against the Palestinian people. Abdullah told PNN, “The issue here is the rights of the Palestinians. All the Palestinian people agree on this, not just a few parties.”

Abdullah continued that there are two main challenges facing Fateh in the post-election period. The first challenge is to rebuild the party and to return to the resistance that began in 1965, which is aimed at ending the Israeli occupation, establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and solving the refugee problem in accordance with UN Resolution 194. The second challenge for Fateh is to protect the movement’s achievements locally, regionally and internationally.

Abdullah said when Fateh was at the helm of the Palestinian Authority they were forced to shoulder the responsibility of building organizations and managing the economy in addition to other duties that distanced them from the people. He stressed the importance of reconnecting with the daily lives of the Palestinian in order to rebuild the movement.