Palestinian security sources reported that early Saturday morning an Israeli gunship fired two missiles at a road in Deir el-Balah, central Gaza, barely missing a car. The missiles left large holes in the road — no casualties were reported.Israeli military sources reported that the car targeted by the gunship was believed to be carrying members of a Palestinian resistance group.  The military sources also reported that Israel carried out air strikes Saturday morning in various parts of the Gaza Strip, hitting fields and roads said to be used by resistance fighters for shelling Israeli targets.
On Friday, a homemade shell fired from the Gaza Strip, allegedly by Palestinian resistance groups, landed in an open area in the Israeli housing development of Nativ Ha’asara. No injuries were reported.
This air strike came one day after Israel announced the end of "the Thunder" military operation that left 16 Palestinians dead and dozens injured since Sunday, including a number of children.
Meanwhile, leaders of the Islamic Jihad armed resistance in Gaza announced that they have developed the technology for longer-reaching rockets that they say they plan to launch into Israel.  Thus far, the Palestinian resistance has used mainly homemade Qassam shells, small pipes stuffed with explosives that have a range of only a few hundred yards.