The Palestine News Network reported that soldiers controlling the permanent checkpoint and gate installed at the western entrance of Al Fawwar arrested four residents and took them to an unknown location. One of the residents is a university student identified as Fawzi Al Tubassi, 21.

Sunday morning, Israeli soldiers arrested four Palestinian residents in Al Fawwar refugee camp, south of the West Bank city of Hebron, and shot injured five children in Doura city and Bani Neim village, near of Hebron.

Hundreds of residents were detained in Beit Awwa village, west of Hebron. On Saturday night, five residents, including three children, were injured when the army invaded Doura city and Bani Neim village, east and west of Hebron, respectively. Sources reported that the military fired live ammunition at children who were apparently throwing stones, or were in the area.


A medical source at Alia Hospital in Hebron reported that three children were hospitalized after being attacked by the soldiers in Doura.

The children were identified as Nour Mohammad Abu Ras, 14, who suffered gunshot injuries in his legs, Jalal Yasser Al Sweity, 10, who suffered an injury in his thigh, and Waheeb Jihad Abu Zeid, 13, who was injured when a gas bomb fired by the army struck him in the head.

A Palestinian security source in Bani Neim reported that two children were injured by military fire. The two were identified as Mustafa Waleed Tarayra, 14, who suffered a gunshot injury in his leg, and Moath Mohammad Tarayra, 14, who suffered a gunshot injury in his left leg.

Earlier on Sunday, Israeli soldiers detained hundreds of residents of Beit Awwa village, south west of Hebron, after invading the village and breaking into dozens of homes.

A local source in Beit Awwa reported that all of the detained residents live close to the Separation Wall area, west of the village.

Dozens of residents were detained in a Beit Awwa School for Boys, and were forced to take their clothes off while the soldiers were searching and interrogating them.