The Palestine News Network reported that the prison administration in Hasharon Israeli detention facility have carried out repeated attacks against the Palestinian detainees, and recently broke into their cells.

On Sunday, soldiers broke into several sections in the detention facility, searched the cells of the detainees and placed three detainees to solitary confinement.

Soldiers used military dogs to search the rooms after forcing the detainees to gather in the prison yard.

During the search, soldiers ripped several books after claiming that the books were considered incitement material.

Also, soldiers confiscated electric equipment from the rooms, such as small electric water boilers which the detainees use to heat water for coffee or tea, and barred the entry of newspapers and magazines.

Several detainees reported that over the last two weeks, soldiers have carried out a number of violations against the detainees, have violently searched them and their rooms, and have physically assaulted detainees, leading to retaliations by detainees.

According to the Israeli Prison Authorities spokesperson, in one instance, detainees splashed boiling water on the soldiers when the soldiers broke into their cell. Three soldiers were reportedly injured and hospitalized.