Israeli army troops arrested six residents from Balata and Askar refugee camps in the West Bank city of Nablus during an invasion of the city on Tuesday morning.

Soldiers backed with army vehicles entered Askar Refugee Camp from the south, broke into homes and searched them, in the process; they arrested Mahmoud Al Ghoul and his brother Ahmed, Mahmoud Al Rafaai, Ahmed Al Rafaai, and Bassim Al Afaghani.

While Wa’il Abu Misheh was arrested when troops unleashed military dogs into his home.  The army claims that Abu Misheh is a member of the Al Aqsa martyrs brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, who has been ‘wanted’ for the past four years.

Earlier, soldiers arrested his son, Tha’ir in order to put pressure on Abu Misheh to surrender, local sources reported.

There were no arrests made in Balata refugee camp but searches of the residents homes were reported.