Palestinian National Information Center (PNIC) published its weekly report on the Israeli violations to the cease fire agreement which was declared between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the Egyptian Sharm Al Sheikh resort on February 8, 2005.The report revealed that in the fifty-third week of cease fire, Israeli soldiers killed 13 Palestinians, including four who were assassinated, injured 52, and arrested 136 residents.

The number of violations carried by the Israeli army during the period between   February 7 and February 13, arrived to 727.

These violations included repeated invasions, breaking into houses, arrests, installing permanent and temporary roadblocks, closing border terminals in addition to attacks carried by the settlers in the West Bank.

Soldiers broke into 156 houses, installed 91 temporary checkpoints, and closed roads, checkpoints and terminal crossings 208 times.

The settlers carried seven attacks attacks against the residents and their properties.
The total number of reported violations carried by the soldiers and the settlers since the declaration of cease fire is 27406 including 2728 shooting incidents; 200 residents were killed, 1329 were injured and 4542 residents were arrested.

Also, soldiers annexed 35344 Dunams of Palestinian lands, uprooted trees 203 times, while the settlers carried 606 attacks during the same period.   

The (PNIC) confirmed the Palestinian commitment to the cease fire agreement in spite of the continuous Israeli violations which caused excessive damage and casualties among the residents.