Mahmoud Al Zahhar, who was chosen by the Hamas movement as Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), said that the coming weeks will include improvement and changes in the security, economics and recreation sectors.Zahhar stated that the whole world will support Hamas, and that the United States will find itself isolated from the international community.

Also, Zahhar added that he hopes that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, will support the new PLC.

Responding to Israeli threats to implement new procedures to obstruct the work of the Hamas government, Zahhar stated that the movement is ready to counter any Israeli measures against it and against the Palestinians.

The current PLC faces several challenges in order to function properly; some of these challenges are resembled in the Israeli threats to obstruct the new government, which includes closures and further operations, and the fact the several PLC members are political detainees in Israeli prisons.  

Palestinian Legislative council member, Ziad Abu Amro, said that the experience and work of the new PLC is different than the previous one since it includes different members with different points of view and programs.

Mohammad Lahham, PLC member from the Fateh movement in Bethlehem, said that the coming four years will not be easy, and that there are so many obstacles imposed by Israel which could hinder the activities of the new PLC.

Hamas PLC member from Tulkarem, Abdul Rahman Zaidan, stated that he believes that for the first time the coming stage will focus more on internal issues.

PLC member Khaledah Jarar, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said that the coming new stage will be an important one.

She added that she will attempting to present a leftist program to achieve the rights of the residents, and women.  

“There are so many issues to follow up from the past”, she said, “The PLC also needs to present new and important issues to serve the people”.

Sami Al Shami, Fateh PLC member, said that Fateh’s position will depend on the outcome of the first session, especially since this is the first time the movement is in the opposition.

Khaled Salman, a Hamas PLC member, said that he hopes that Fateh movement will join the government, and added that Hamas will deal with with both internal and external issues in the political and economic realms.