Dozens of Palestinian landowners from the southern West Bank villages of Beit Omar and Halhul organized a protest on Saturday, to protest illegal Israeli confiscations of their land.  
The confiscations are taking place near the Israeli illegal settlement of Karni Tsur, constructed on Palestinian privately owned lands  in the area between the village of Beit Omar and the town of Halhul, Palestine News Network reported .

Saturday’s protest, which included the participation of 60 Israeli and international peace activists from the "Ta’ayush" peace movement and the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), initiated the protest Saturday morning at an invitation from the municipality of Beit Omar.

Large numbers of Israeli forces and dozens of illegal Israeli settlers were present in the area and attempted to prevent the Palestinian villagers of the two towns and their Israeli and international supporers from entering their own land in order to conduct the protest.  No injuries were reported.