Israeli army forces invaded Balata and Askar refugee camps in the West Bank city of Nablus, early Tuesday morning.  Eight residents were arrested.
In Balata Refugee Camp, the army arrested Khalil Hanown, 22, Mohammad Al Fayomi, 19, Adnan Shibarow,18, Salih Al Jermy, 17, and Ihab Al Nijma, 16.
While in Askar Refugee Camp soldiers arrested Dia’ Habroun, 24, Baha Habroun, 22, and Yasin Abu Lefeh, 17, local sources reported.
Army jeeps closed the main roads in both camps and conducted wide-scale searches of the residents’ houses.
The city of Nablus and its refugee camps have seen a week-long killing invasion which left eight resistance fighters and residents dead, including one child.