The Palestinian Authority’s General Intelligence Bureau expressed its astonishment at the news coming from and Egyptian magazine and reprinted in the Al Quds daily Monday.The claim printed was that there was a plan between the US Security service CIA, the Israeli security services, Mossad and Shabak, and the Palestinian Preventative Security to assassinate Hamas Political Bureau leader in exile in Syria, Khalid Mashal.

The General Intelligence Bureau said such news is "inspired by films and the cinema of the imagination, aiming to sell copies or the magazine or more hidden reasons."

The General Intelligences considered spreading the news as "a desire to hit Palestinian unity by putting Palestinian personalities and organizations in the center of the story. This is part of the occupation and is aggressive policies."

The Intelligence issued a serious warning. "The circulation of these lies serves only the enemies of the Palestinian people."

They also expressed regret at the whole torrid affair which "could lead to a national and moral failure if it reaches into a general distrust of the system and Palestinian security institutions formed throughout the past 10 years in order to protect the citizen and the homeland."