Palestinian Legislator and former Minister of Civil Affairs, Mohammad Dahlan, said on Tuesday at night that Fateh movement will not participate in the Hamas-led government.The statements of Dahlan came during a press conference in Gaza City.

Dahlan stated that the decision was made in the Fateh bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council, the Fateh Revolutionary Council and Fateh Central committee, and through talks with President Mahmoud Abbas.  
Also, Dahlan added that the Fateh Revolutionary Council will hold a meeting on March 4, and that the meeting will have great significance since it will include “serious future changes in the party”.

He also said that the movement is preparing reconstruction reform programs in order to rebuild the movement in a democratic way.

Commenting on the current conditions Hamas is facing in trying to secure funding to the Palestinian Authority, Dahlan said that Fateh is not a mediator between Hamas and the International Community, or between Hamas and Israel.

He demanded Hamas to maintain the national unity and the rights of the Palestinian people.