An Israeli military source reported on Wednesday that an Israeli war-jet fired a missile at a Palestinian vehicle in the Gaza Strip killing Abu Waleed Al Dahdouh, 39,  one of the leaders of the Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad.Al Dahdouh is one of the senior leaders of the Al Quds Brigades in Gaza.

Dr. Baker Abu Safiyya, head of the Emergency Unit at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, reported that the body of Al Dahdouh was severely mutilated, two residents were injured.

The assassination took place on a busy street in a residential area located between the Islamic University and the Finance Ministry Compound in Gaza.

The explosion knocked out electricity in the area and damaged several cars parked nearby.

Sameera Daoud, 32, and eye-whiteness reported that the explosion shattered all the windows in her apartment, and that some of the flying shrapnel of the windows hit her in her face.

“I ran out of my house to see if my children were there”, she said, “I saw a man lying outside, bleeding, he had a big white beard”.

The Islamic Jihad movement vowed revenge. “We shall strike into the depth of the Zionist entity”, Abu Dajana, the spokesperson of the armed wing said.