An Israeli security source reported on Friday that one Qassam homemade shell fired from the Gaza Strip struck a “strategic facility” south of Israel, one Israeli was reportedly treated for shock; the facility was slightly damaged.The source stated that the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad fired a Qassam shell at the facility, and fired two other shells at the settlements of Karmiya and Yad Mordechai, north of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli artillery fired several shells toward the area where the shells were apparently fired from.

In a previous incident, one homemade shell landed in the industrial zone in  Ashkelon causing slight damage.

The alarm system install in the facility went off and the workers were asked to enter reinforced rooms.

Effi Mor, commander of the Lachish Israeli District Police, said that sappers were sent to examine the shell. He added that no change in the development the Qassam shelled was noticed.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, has agreed recently to connect all factories in the targeted areas to the Red Dawn alert system.

“The alarm system did go off this time”, Mofaz added, “Police and security forces were dispatched to the area”.