Residents of the northern West Bank villages near Salfit reported that settlers of the nearby Ariel Settlement Bloc continued to pump the sewage water into Palestinian farmlands in the area.The lands belong to residents of Borqeen and Kafer Al Deek, near Tubas. The settlers also pumped their sewage water into the main water spring which is 30 meters away from the settlement.

This spring provides fresh water to the residents of the city of Salfit and the villages of Borqeen, Kafer Al Deek, Farkha and Khirbit Quies.

The residents also said that Israeli factories in the settlement resumed polluting air of the area by blowing poisonous gases.

Ashraf Zuhd, head of Salfit health department said that the gases of  these factories cause breathing difficulties.

One third of the Israeli settlement factories are located in the Salfit area which causes several dangerous diseases to the residents, several residents of the area are suffering from cancer, mainly in Dir Ballout village which is located near the Israeli settlements.