Israeli soldiers attacked hundreds of Palestinians and international peace activists while protesting against the Separation Wall in Tulkarem area; soldiers also attacked several international and local journalists.The protest took off on Saturday morning from the city center; the protesters traveled by buses until the Jabara Israeli military checkpoint, while carrying Palestinian flags and posters against the Wall and settlements.

Israeli soldiers stationed at the barrier attack the protesters, and the journalist present with them, and prevented them from approaching the area. Troops used live rounds to disperse them, the Maan News Agency reported.

Several protesters fist-fought with the soldiers after attacking and firing at the peaceful protest.

Reporters of Maan, AFP, Reuters and other reporters were also attacked by the soldiers who attempted to bar them from reporting on the event.

Suheil Salman head of the National Committee Against the Wall stated that this peaceful protest is part of several national peaceful activities against the wall and military barriers which obstruct the movement of the Palestinians and isolate their lands behind the wall.

Salman added that this is a campaign intend to end the separation wall building.

“We will fight against the Wall until it collapses”, Salman said, “We have the right to live in dignity without being isolated by the racist wall, we have the right to reach and work in our orchards”.