Dr. Sameer Abu Holy, a newly elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council from the Fateh party, said that the movement has decided not to join the next government led by Islamic Resistance movement, Hamas.He said that this decision depends on the inconsistence in both platforms, and the intra situation of Fateh movement, the International Press Center (IPC) reported.

Abu Holy stated that the Fateh parliamentary block in the legislative council met two days ago and decided not to join Hamas led government.

Also, Abu Holy added that one of the reasons that prevents Fateh from joining a Hamas led government is the huge differences between Fateh and Hamas in the socio-political platforms.

He asserted that Fateh Movement is in favor to uphold a constructive and effective opposition role that mainly give a hand to the common interests of Palestinian people via "correcting and adjusting flaws endued by Hamas Government in the foreseeable future", the IPC added.

Abu Holy reported that Fateh movement has decided to pay more attention on rebuilding and reorganizing itself.  

Fateh’s parliamentary bloc not to join the Hamas government is not binding to the movement; the decisive decision will be taken by Fateh’s Revolutionary council and the Executive Committee.