The Palestinian Parliament disapproved in its first session the decision by the previous parliament to form a constitutional court which has an authority to disolve the council.
64 members of Parliament voted against the decisions taken in the last session of the presious council, held on February 13.
The council foiled a proposal by some members to form a legal committee to give an advisory opinion over the legality of the decisions of the February 13 session.
The 64 formed a majority as members of Fatah bloc walked out of the session over the intention to discuss the controversial February 13 session.
Disputes at the first session of the Palestinian Parliament
The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) holds on Monday its first official session in Ramallah and Gaza cities after electing its bureau on February 18, amongst legal disputes.
Members of Parliament from the Gaza Strip attended the session through the video conference as they were not allowed to go to Ramallah to join the meeting.
112 out of 132 members of parliament attended the session in the two locations.  The absent members are either in Israeli jails or not able to publicly appear as they are wanted by the Israeli army.
The session started with a huge dispute over the legality of a previous session held on February 13.
On February 13, the old council decided to create a constitutional court which has the authority to disolve the council, a body that is seen as threat against Hamas who won a majority in the latest parliamentary elections held on January 25.
The dispute heated when the head of the PLC Dr. Abdul Aziz Dweik from the majority party Hamas attempted to tackle the previous session arguing that it was not officially closed.  According to the law, the council cannot start a new session without officially closing the previous one.
Fatah members of Parliament, who interrupted most of the speakers, accused Dweik of trying to discuss decisions taken by the previous council, and questioned its legality.
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahaar, a Hamas leader and member of Paleliament in Gaza emplied that Fatah members are trying to foil the session to create an impression that Hamas is unable to lead the council sessions.
"Some people are trynig to thwart the session to make people believe that we are not able to run the sessions, but I tell them that we are able to do so," Zaha said.
However, the council decided to add the issues tackled in the previous session of Feb 23, on today’s agenda for discussion.
The decision passed by 69 with, no objections, and three abstains.  Fatah members of parliament did not vote but did not abstain either.