The Media office of the Islamic Labor Union said that the Israeli Police Forces and Israeli Border Guards arrested more than 300 Palestinian labors in the last 24 hours, in a large-scale raid aimed at preventing Palestinians from entering Israel for work.  Most of the laborers were later released, after being made to sign papers and having their names added to Israeli lists.

In a statement issued Monday it said that the Palestinian laborers were arrested for entering Israel without permissions.

It is well known that the Palestinian laborers infiltrate into Israel for work, as most Palestinians have jobs inside Israel.  Since Israeli closure of Palestinian areas over the last several years, laborers and their employers within Israel have often collaborated to overcome the Israeli borders, arbitrarily imposed upon the Palestinian territories.  Within the territories themselves, there are virtually no jobs available, as the economy is under complete Israeli control, and famine-like conditions are looming in the Gaza Strip due to food shortages.