Palestinian Legislative Council-PLC- Member, Azzam Al-Ahmad, of Fateh movement, accused the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, of delaying the formation of the government because the movement is waiting to see the Israeli and American official position regarding the governments’ control of the PLC.Al Ahmad added that Hamas is always accusing Fateh of not obeying the law, and repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the Palestinian government which was dominated by Fateh movement.

Al Ahmad added that Fateh movement appealed to the Palestinian High Court against a decision by Hamas legislators to revoke recent laws approved before the new PLC members were officially instated.

He also accused Hamas of questioning the legitimacy of the movement, and of indications that Fateh is not abiding by the Palestinian laws.

According to Al Ahmad, Hamas legislators, who form the majority of the PLC, are coming to the council with a premature decision, and that they want to impose their beliefs by force.

Regarding a coalition between Fateh and Hamas in the PLC, Al Ahmad said that it is still too early to take such a decision, but the movement will not close the door of participation in the government in spite of the “negative signs” by Hamas.