A central court in Israel sentenced the security officer of Maale Adumim settlement to six years and a half imprisonment after being indicted with sexual harassment and abuse against Palestinian women, Palestine News Network Reported.

In addition to sexual harassment, charges include transporting Palestinians into Israel and forcing Palestinian girls to sexually flirt with him when he stopped them in the settlement without permit looking for jobs.
The story started around a year and a half, when officer Oded Zacharia, 30 was responsible for the security of the settlement.
Young women targeted by Zacharia either worked in the industrial zone or in houses or gardening, but he chose those who have no permits.
Zacharia would raid their workspace and ask the girls to show their permits.  When they fail to do so, he takes them with his car claiming that he is taking them for investigation.
However, he takes them to the basement of on the buildings under his control and sexually abuses them there and threatens to arrest them or get them loose their jobs if they do not obey him.
Zachria is accused of abusing at least six women by asking them to strip dance for him as he plays Arabic music on his tape recorder.  He also forced them to crouch and bark like dogs, or clip his nails and sometimes he adds to the services a massage.
The story ended when one of the victims decided to go to the Israeli police and press charges against him especially after he had her with a college of her at the same time.  She thought that what he is doing for them is worse than being arrested for not obtaining proper permits.
The police arrested the officer six months ago.  He was indicted and sentenced by the central court in Tel Aviv because there was enough evidence.  Legal observers believe the sentence is mild in comparison to the crime he committed against these girls.