An extremist settlers group of Sousia settlement, south of the West Bank city of Hebron, uprooted on Wednesday dozens of olive trees and bushes which belong to residents of Yatta village, rising the number of uprooted trees in one month to more than 1000.Nassr Al Nawaj’a, one of the orchards owners, said that settlers of the illegal Sousia settlement outpost attacked the orchards and uprooted 50 bushes and olive trees located west of the settlement.

Al Nawaj’a added that the attack was carried out while the soldiers were present in the area and did not attempt to stop assailants.

The orchards belong to residents Mohammad Ahmad Nasser, Mohammad Jaber Al Nawaj’a, Hammad Abdul-Hameed Al Nawaj’a, and other residents.

Owners of the attacked orchards believe that the repeated attacks are part of a wider plan to expand the nearby Israeli settlements.

In January, settlers uprooted 500 olive trees and bushes near Sousia settlements, and additional 500 trees near Ma’oun settlement.