Hamas leader, Ismael Haniya, the Palestinian Prime Minister-elect, said there are no signs of crisis between Fatah and Hamas,  and described his meeting with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as positive, reported Palestine News Network.

"The meeting with the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday evening was positive, I hope Fatah will be part of the new Palestinian government," Abbas told Ramattan news agency following the meeting that was away from media presence.
"The meeting is part of the ongoing dialogue between Hamas and brother Abu Mazin (nick name for Abbas) over the formation of the Palestinian government," said Haniya adding "I debriefed him about the ongoing discussions between the different parliamentary blocs, and we spoke of the protocols that need to followed to form the government."
According to the Palestinian law, the Prime Minister-elect has three weeks to form the government, after which two more weeks are allowed in case of failure.
Haniya ruled out any chance for internal crisis between Fatah and Hamas despite of the dispute that occurred in the first session of the Parliament.
Hamas is interested in a coalition that includes all parties if possible that will be formed in coordination with the President in order to challenge the threats by Israel and the United States government to isolate the Palestinian government if it was Hamas-led.