Israeli forces tightened the closure on Tulkarem area in the north west of the West Bank in the early hours of Monday morning, Palestine News Network reported.
Troops closed all main entrances of the city to all vehicles and pedestrian, set up road blocks and threatened to open fire at anybody who approaches the road blocks.

Hundreds of employees and workers failed to go to their work outside of Tulkarem area because of the siege that isolated the city from the surrounding villages who totally depend on the city for food supplies, work and education.

Eyewitnesses said cars are lining in long cues since the early hours of the morning hoping that the closure will be lifted.

Residents have to use unpaved roads or walk in the fields to get to their work and schools.

Tulkarem residents complain of a deteriorating economy because of the continuous closures imposed on the city, which is disturbing the movement of the residents from and to the city.

Muthanna Shahrour, a grocery store owner complain of a serious drop in their sales.  He also said that he is unable to buy goods for his shop because of debts and closure.