Israeli army forces, backed by 30 armored vehicles and drones, invaded the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin and the village of Qabatia early Monday morning.

The Palestine News Network reported that the Army broke into several houses in the camp searching for resistance fighters wanted by the Israeli security. They surrounded one of the houses, forcing its residents out, claiming that Husam Jaradat, a leader of Al Quds brigade (the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad), was hiding inside the house.  Jaradat was not inside the house, however, but residents reported that the army destroyed their belongings.

The Army also broke into the houses of Mohammad Abu Na’sa, his brother Abed Al-Naser and Mahmoud Al Rakh, who are allegedly connected with the Islamic Jihad movement.

Um Jihad Alsayes, one of the residents of the camp reported that soldiers broke into her house for the fourth time this month to arrest her son Mahmoud Hassan Sayes, 20, who sustained a gun shot wound in the chest last month when he was shot by the Israeli army during an invasion.

The Israeli army also broke into the house of Khaled Dumj, searched the home and arrested three of his sons: Mahmoud, Immad and Najeeb.  The army is reportedly occupying several houses in the camp, one of them belonging to Khaled Al Sa’de.

In the West Bank town of Qabatia, near Jenin, the army arrested five residents, apparently for being members of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas movements.

Local sources reported that the army invaded the city, located west of Jenin from several entrances, broke into several houses, searched them and arrested Mohammad Yousef Nazzal, Zeyad Abed Al Rahman Nazzal, Allam Ahmad Zakarneh, Mohamad Tal’et Khaza’zah and A’wad Ikmiel.  Local sources reported that Palestinian children threw stones at the soldiers during the invasion, and the soldiers shot live rounds at the children.  No injuries were reported.