A group of illegal Israeli settlers attacked several Palestinian residents of Sosia, located near the West Bank city of Yatta, south of Hebron, on Monday morning.

 The Palestine News Network reported that the attack was carried out during a voluntary work session conducted by the Israeli organization Rabbis for Human Rights, who were planting olive trees in solidarity with the Palestinian farmers and cave dwellers of the area.
Four of the residents were injured by the Israeli settlers, who beat the Palestinians badly.  The injured were identified as A’lya Salamah  Al Nawaj’a,66, Sameeha Ali Nawaj’a 31, and Jamal Ismaiel Al Nawaj’a, 22.  The fourth injured Palestinian is a ten year old child who has not yet been identified.
The Israeli army made no attempt to stop the settlers from attacking the Palestinians, although they were present at the scene.  After the attack, the Army declared the area a military zone and pushed the remaining Palestinians and their Israeli supporters off their land.  The army then barred the Palestinian residents from returning to their farmlands.