Israel has raised the alert level on the northern borders with Lebanon and claimed that Hizbollah fighters have completed logistic preparations to abduct soldiers.A senior Israeli military officer on the northern borders reported that th army is preparing for a possible attack by Hizbollah fighters, especially in the western sector of the borders.

The army barred all Israeli farmers from entering the border area, on Monday, and claimed that it received warnings of planned attacks, and kidnappings by Hizbollah fighters.

Troops will remain on “high alert” until after the general elections in Israel.

Israeli sources reported that the current status will cause minimal effect on the Israelis living on the northern borders.

According to the Israeli Ynet News, Northern Command officials will attempt to maintain calm on the borders and will not undertake any military action that could escalate the situation and affect the lives of the residents and visitors.

The army will remain on “defense” status, but when it becomes necessary soldiers will implement the clear instructions of engagement, the Israeli Ynet News reported.

Also, soldiers were instructed to refrain from travelling alone in the area, while the army started deploying enforcements along the borders.

Also, a senior Israeli military source reported that Hizbollah fighters consider abducting a soldiers as a “more impressive achievement”, but could abduct civilians.